Season’s Greenings: Keeping Lagos Gardens Lush Despite Harmattan Winds

Season’s Greenings: Keeping Lagos Gardens Lush Despite Harmattan Winds
When the Harmattan winds kick up, even the most verdant Lagos gardens suffer beneath gusts carrying Sahara sands. Yet with planning, landscapes withstand the arid season. This guide shares tips so your home remains an oasis.
Choose Hardy, Vibrant Plants
Certain plants relish hot, parched conditions. Bottlebrush, hibiscus, bougainvillea and lantana add vibrant blooms. Palm and fruit trees like coconut, dates and water apple provide lushness. Succulents and cacti thrive with little water too.
Succulents and Cacti Thrive
Water-wise succulents and sculptural cacti plants love hot, arid air. Incorporate varieties like Euphorbia, Kalanchoe, Aloe Vera and prickly pear in creative beds or pots for texture.
Mulch Beds
Blanket planting beds with 5-10 cm of bark, straw or dried foliage to insulate soil. This prevents moisture loss from dry air. Replenish fading mulch before winds intensify.
Install Windbreaks
Construct fences, trellises or rows of tall hedges to protect gardens from gusts and blowing debris. These barriers allow plants to take root without disturbance. Incorporate stone, bricks, gravel, pavers, garden art and other permanent elements to provide texture when plants lay low or climb.
Add Stylish Shade Structures
Beat the heat by installing covered patios, breezy pergolas and outdoor living rooms. Sturdy structures covered in vines keep seating areas pleasant when sunlight intensifies.
Choose Durable Landscape Materials
Select heavy planters, wrought iron accents, stone and terra cotta that sandstorms won’t topple or erode. Durable elements lend timeless style too.
Embrace Earthy Hues
As brazen sun bleaches color, neutral earth tones feel nourishing. Incorporate sandstone, timber and terra-cotta elements alongside deeply hued plants. Natural beauty anchors spaces.
As Harmattan settles in, plan and implement these strategies so your Lagos homes remain refuges from the elements, not victims. Protect plants and structures and your garden continues blossoming despite the seasonal dryness and dust.
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