New Year, New Home: 7 Resolutions to Refresh Your Space

New Year, New Home: 7 Resolutions to Refresh Your Space
Turning the calendar sparks dreams of positive changes. While noble resolutions abound this time of year, don’t neglect your home! Usher out the old and refresh your interior spaces with these quick, spirit-lifting tips.
Clear Out Clutter
Commit to clearing clutter, the enemy of zen spaces. Donate unused items, utilize storage solutions and pare down to essentials only. Simply organizing lifts an amazing weight.
Welcome Natural Light
Draw back dark curtains and Position mirrors to maximally fill rooms with natural illumination. Open up dim corners and spotlight dark decor. Sunshine instantly energizes.
Arrange Thoughtfully
Sometimes simply rearranging furniture radically alters appeal. Pull sofas from walls, float beds to create walkways, place rugs to define sitting areas. Play with positioning.
Greenify Your Space
Houseplants instantly enliven rooms with positive energy. Add lush snake plants, trailing ivy, orchids, succulents or palms. Even air plants hung in macrame holders add liveliness.
Give Walls New Life
Paint or wallpaper one bold accent wall. Frame out gallery collages, gallery collections or murals. Inspiring imagery and color nourishes spirits.
Incorporate Meaningful Touches
Display travel mementos, old love letters, ticket stubs or family heirlooms. Sentimental belongings displayed proudly add depth, personality and joyful nostalgia.
Light Things Up
Overhead lighting alone flattens appeal. Incorporate floor and table lamps, string lights, paper lanterns and candles. Layers of light create cozy, welcoming ambience.
Usher in this new year within refreshed, decluttered spaces artfully showcasing belongings that uplift your spirit daily. May your décor align seamlessly with who you are!
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Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

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